Our goal is to provide patients with as much information and support as possible, to ensure that they feel informed and understand the processes we are taking them trough.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common things patients can struggle with is remembering any relevant questions when they are needed. When we are digesting a lot of information, particularly regarding something significant like our heath or an impending surgery, it is easy to ask any important questions. This is why we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you, which you can bring to your consultations:

1. Do I have any non-surgical options?

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2. What is the source of my pain?

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3. What is the natural course of my condition without surgical intervention?

4. What type of surgery do you recommend?

5. How long will the surgery take?

6. What will the surgery involve?

7. What will be my recovery time?

8. How soon after the surgery can I start physical therapy?

9. What expectations do you have for my recovery?

10. Are there any potential side effects or risks?

11. How will these risks affect me or my family personally?

12. Am I able to get a second opinion? If so, who would you recommend?

13. Will you be performing this procedure?

14. Have you performed this procedure before?

15. Who else will assist you in the operation?

16. Do I need to donate my own blood?

17. Will there be any long-term consequences of the procedure?

18. Will the operation ever need to be re-done?

19. Could the procedure cause further degeneration at other levels of the spine?

20. Are you fellowship-trained in spine surgery?

21. What is the success rate of this procedure?

22. What is your personal success rate of the procedure?

23. How many times have you performed this type of surgery?

24. Can I talk to other patients who have had a similar procedure?

25. What kind of pain should I expect after the surgery and for how long?

26. Will I need someone to care for me during my recovery?

27. For how long will I have to stay in hospital?

28. Is it possible for a family member to stay overnight in the hospital with me?

29. How do you manage the pain in the hospital?

30. Which pain medications will I be sent home with? Could you please explain any side effects of these medications and how I will need to administer them?

31. Will I need a back brace following the procedure? If so, when will this be fitted?

32. Who can I call if I have questions after the surgery?

33. How often will I see you after my surgery?

34. What limitations will I have after surgery and for how long?How long will I be out of work/school?

35. When will I be able to drive?

Clients Testimonials

  • Mr Shah was a pleasure to meet.He has done a wonderful job on my back and the scar...well what scar! You can’t see it

  • Your calm manner and explanation of your plan of treatment helped me to cope with an extremely difficult situation

  • My surgeon Mr. Shah was extremely encouraging and professional.He made it the most reassuring and comfortable experience I have had in the healthcare. Very impressed.”-

  • This was the best treatment I have ever received. Very quick, and very efficient. Absolutely outstanding Mr. Shah. Cannot speak too highly of him.

  • I would like to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to explain my diagnosis of spinal stenosis to me and the treatments available for the condition. I now feel I can cope with symptoms.

  • When we don’t understand what is wrong with us, it’s ‘fear of the unknown’. Once it is explained to us in a way we can understand we can come to terms with the outcome. Again, many thanks for your time and patience.

  • Mr. Shah is not only a wonderful surgeon but a gentleman.

  • The perseverance of my surgeon to find out the problem and fix it, was unlike anything I had come across in the UK.

  • Just a quick note to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me

  • Without your quick thinking and action, I don’t think I would still be here.

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